Safety & Security

At Villa Maphraaw your comfort and security is our main priority.

The villa has additional security features above and beyond most other Asian villas.

We want to make you feel safe and sound, ensuring peace of mind throughout your stay.

Measures taken include the following:

- CCTV on perimeter of Villa

- State-of-art alarm security system installed

- 24 hour security guards in the Santi Thani grounds

- Railings around balconies and terraces

- Fire Extinguisher located in the villa

- Child gate on pool terrace staircase

- Night lights in various areas around the perimeter of the villa

- High voltage motion sensors surrounding the villa

- Flashlights and candles

- Emergency fire door on the middle floor

- Safe deposit box for valuables

- First Aid kit for those small cuts and scrapes

Concierge Service